Article | 8. 2016 Vol. 34, Issue. 4
Effect of Chlorine Dioxide on Freshness of ‘Maehyang’ Strawberries during Export

Department of Horticulture, Division of Applied Life Science, Graduate School of Gyeongsang National University,1
Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Gyeongsang National University2
Institute of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Gyeongsang National University3

2016.8. 626:633


The objective of this study was to assess the effect of precooling and application of gaseous ClO2 on the retention of freshness and quality of ‘Maehyang’ strawberry fruits intended for export. ‘Maehyang’ strawberry fruits (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) were grown in commercia greenhouses and then harvested. Fruits of uniform and medium size at 60% ripeness were selected and assigned to one of four treatment groups: non-treatment (control), precooling only (PO), gaseous ClO2 only (GCO) or precooling combined with gaseous ClO2 (P + C). Weight loss was lowest in the PO treatment and greatest in the GCO treatment after export. Compared to the control and PO treatment groups, strawberry fruits in the GCO treatment group maintained high brightness and high chroma. Six days after shipping, fruits in the P + C treatment group had the highest soluble solids content, even as high as 10.05 °Brix; the lowest value was observed in the PO treatment. The incidence rate of gray mold in strawberry fruits was 20% and 17% in the control and the PO treatment, respectively; in the GCO treatment, the incidence rate of gray mold amounted to 10%. No gray mold was observed in the P + C treatment group. These results indicate that gaseous ClO2 treatment combined with precooling (P + C) was effective in maintaining the freshness of ‘Maehyang’ strawberry fruits intended for export from South Korea to Hong Kong.

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