Article | . 2017 Vol. 35, Issue. 1
Several Factors Affecting Mass Production of Microlepia strigosa (Thunb.) C. Presl Sporophytes

Department of Horticultural Science, Chungbuk National University,1

2017.. 46:58


This study was conducted to investigate the optimal conditions for spore germination, prothallus propagation, sporophyte formation and seedling growth in Microlepia strigosa (Thunb.) C. Presl. Spore germination and prothallus development were promoted by low concentrations of Knop medium nutrient solution. The optimal medium for prothallus propagation and antheridium formation was 2X MS medium with 3% sucrose. The activated charcoal content of the medium did not affect prothallus proliferation. Among the various combinations of culture soil (bedding soil, peat moss, perlite and decomposed granite), a mixture of bedding soil, peat moss and decomposed granite at a ratio of 1 : 1 : 1 (v : v : v) had a positive effect on sporophyte formation. The most efficient conditions for promoting the growth of whole plants (sporophyte seedlings) were 50 - cell plug trays filled with a mixture of bedding soil and decomposed granite at a 2 : 1 (v : v) ratio.

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