Article | . 2018 Vol. 36, Issue. 2
Pretreatments and MEFI Applications for Improving Postharvest Quality of Cut Spray Rosa hybrida L. ‘Lovely Lydia’

Department of Environmental Horticulture, Dankook University1

2018.. 237:244


This study investigated the effects of various pretreatments, and the movable eco-friendly flower incubator (MEFI) system, on the quality of the cut spray-type Rosa hybrida L. ‘Lovely Lydia’ during export. Cut roses were pretreated with either 2 mL·L-1 ClO2 (Vital Oxide) or tap water (control) for 4 hours, and then held under a light-emitting diode (LED) emitting blue + ultraviolet (UV) light (i.e., the MEFI system) in cardboard boxes to simulate export. The vase life of roses treated with Vital Oxide + MEFI was longer (12.2 days) than the control. Flower diameter, fresh weight, and water uptake of roses were increased by tap water + MEFI and Vital Oxide + MEFI treatments, compared to control flowers. The Vital Oxide + MEFI treatment was more effective in maintaining postharvest quality than tap water + MEFI. Application of the MEFI system following pretreatment with 2 mL·L-1 Vital Oxide effectively improved the vase life and postharvest freshness of cut roses. This study demonstrated that ClO2, blue LED and the UV used in the MEFI system inhibited bacterial contamination throughout vase life, and consequently improved the quality of the cut rose ‘Lovely Lydia’.

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