Article | . 2018 Vol. 36, Issue. 4
Growth Characteristics, Yield and Fruit Soluble Carbohydrate Content of Hydroponically Grown Strawberry with Carbon Dioxide Fertilization

Department of Agricultural Science, Korea National Open University1
Department of Controlled Agriculture, Kangwon National University2

2018.. 513:520


This study aimed to investigate the effects of CO2fertilization on vegetative and reproductive growth and fruit yield of plants grown in a commercial strawberry farm. Leaf length and width were 14.3 and 12.2% lower in the CO2fertilization than in the control (without CO2fertilization), respectively. Photosynthesis rate, stomatal conductivity, and transpiration rate were significantly lower in the CO2fertilization than that in the control treatment. The fresh and dry weights of fruit grown in the CO2fertilization were 19.9% and 27.3% higher, respectively, in January. Total yield was higher at 6 to 8 weeks when the CO2was applied, but it was not significant. When the fruit carbohydrate concentration was measured in triplicate at a 3-day intervals from the 6th to 13th of January, the sucrose concentration was initially lower in the CO2fertilization than that in the control. However, at the second and last time points, it was higher, about 41 μg·g-1 (30 μg / fruit) and 21 μg·g-1 (89 μg / fruit), respectively, than the control. Both glucose and fructose were also about 14 μg·g-1 (68-73 μg / fruit) higher than the control treatment groups at the last time point. Vertical and horizontal hardness, soluble sugar content, and acid content of fruit grown with CO2fertilization were slightly higher than the control, although there was no statistical significance. Together, these data suggest that a long-term CO2 fertilization for a protected cultivation of strawberry crop can reduces vegetative growth, but improves reproductive growth and fruit quality.

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